My Group
Is Superior
To Your Group

Fuck all ya’ll.
Go Team!

This also works for
Your Country
Your Tribe
Your Religion
Your People
Your Family
Your Race.

We still hold these group identities –

Why is this a core part of us?
And will we fix it
Before it destroys us?

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you and your racist friend

You share
99.9% of your DNA
With every person on this planet;
No matter what they look like,
Or where they come from.

Cut me into 1000 pieces,
999 would look
Just like You.

Yet our brains are hard wired
To recognize humans
That don’t look like us,
And fear them.
This might have served us in the past,
But now it’s just a politician’s tool.

It is time to evolve.
How we treat the lowest of our society,
Is who we are.

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my beautiful life

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home again, home again

I’m back home
And the silence is so beautiful.

After a year of endless novelty –
Old and new places,
Old and new faces,
The quiet of familiarity is 


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yoopers, eh?

Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the journey continues…

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now i’m here

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i are here

So far I’ve visited friends and family in TN, NC, VA, CT, MA, NH, and ME.

I am loving the RV Life and coming soon to a village near you!


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